Gli investimenti pubblici in cultura e telecomunicazioni

The Institute for Media Economics (IEM) regularly produces a Report on the Communications Industry in Italy which is the only example of systemic, quantitative and qualitative analysis published annually in Italy on this subject.

The Report examines the importance of individual markets with single chapters dedicated to TV, press, telecoms, music, videogame, internet, radio, cinema, advertising, ICT, etc, analysing value, resources, penetration, users, as well as the most significant trends in sectors and across the board, paying special attention to the European context (through comparison with data coming from main European countries).

Each year the Report also contains an in depth analysis dedicated to topics perceived as important for the public policy which are analyzed through original data: 13° edition focuses on Public investment in culture and communications.


The Fondazione Rosselli Institute for Media Economics (IEM) was set up in 1991 with the aim of studying the communications and media system and acting as a reference point for research into technical, economic, institutional and social issues.