About us

The Fondazione Rosselli was established in Turin in 1988 as an independent and non-profit research institute whose main objective is research applied to the economic, social and political fields, especially dealing with public policy at both national and international level.

IEM profile

The Fondazione Rosselli Institute for Media Economics (IEM) was set up in 1991 with the aim of studying the communications and media system and acting as a reference point for research into technical, economic, institutional and social issues.

The Institute carries out qualitative and quantitative research, strategic consultancy, observatories, studies and publications.

Its main fields of enquiry include: the perimeter and dimensions of the media market; the impact of the media and communications industry on the social and economic fabric of the country: from production to training, from culture to the guarantee of pluralism; technological development and the processes of technological and economic convergence and the evolution of languages; business strategies of media groups; the concept of public service and its reshaping in a new digital habitat; legislation and regulations on the new products and services; changes in business model in the communication industry; the economics of culture and creative industries.

All the phenomena are interpreted, analysed and forecast on a global scale.